रोबोटिक डिबगिंग मशीन | सीएनसी चमकाने मशीन Zhejiang Kingstone रोबोट और प्रौद्योगिकी कं, लिमिटेड

चेयर बेस रोबोट पॉलिशिंग ग्राइंडिंग माहिने

चेयर बेस रोबोट पॉलिशिंग ग्राइंडिंग माहिने

Chair Base Robot Polishing Grinding Mahine
 Chair Base Robotic Polishing System

Applications Materials (but not limited to):

•  Stainless steel 
•  Aluminum alloy
•  Zinc alloy 
•  Plastic 
•  Cooper 
•  Wooden 
•  Iron

Kingstone robotic grinding polishing system are made as a best solution of  finishing for removing the excess material from a surface of a newly diecasting or machined parts with fine precision and high efficiency. It is widely used in sanitary, automotive, hardware, medical and other industry.

Advantages of robotic grinding machine:
1. Replace the labor:  one worker can operate 5 cells in one time;
2. Increase the productivity: the robotic cell can work 24 hours constantly;
3.Quality controlled: keep the quality in a good consistence.
4.Improving the working environment: the enclosed working cell can isolated the noise and dust from the inside and reduce the harmness.


रोबोट वैकल्पिक



प्रणाली: सीमेन, डेल्टा, मित्सुबिशी


सैंडिंग मशीन

KS-10000, KS-20000, KS-50000 वैकल्पिक

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बफिंग मशीन


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